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"Reach out - we'll try our best to help"


Use the form below to tell us about a swarm of honeybees.

We are not able to respond to a call if bees are in the fabric of a building or are above 3 meters from ground level.  Neither will we respond to calls if the insects turn out to be Wasps, Bumblebees or Hornets.

All fields are required!

Please note that after you have submitted this form, we will contact you for pictures of the swarm to help us to assess the situation and to confirm identification of the insect.

As this is a free service we offer to the public, you might consider making a small secure voluntary donation here to help us to continue our work with honeybees in the Selby & District area.  Without this free service, you'd need to pay for the services of a Pest Controller to attend.

Thanks! Message sent. We'll get back to you about this asap.

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