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"The centrepiece of any beekeeping association is the Apiary"

It is in our apiary that all of our beginners practical training sessions take place and where the association owned bees are kept and managed.  The apiary is where we meet to chat and learn about our bees.

We are proud to be associated with Selby Town Council for the work they have done in providing us with this community asset and for helping bring beekeeping to the residents of Selby.

Our "World Of Bees" apiary was created by us to encourage members of the public, schools and other interested parties, to come along and learn about the bees in a safe, relaxed environment.  Our "Bee Free Zone" allows you unrivalled access into the centre of the apiary where you can sit and observe the comings and goings on these incredible insects.  You are free to visit our apiary at any time.  If we are there, we will give you guidance should you request it - otherwise, just sit down, relax and enjoy watching them. 


Around the apiary you'll find a variety of educational posters that give you relevant information about the bees - all designed to teach you some facts about the honeybee.  Each poster has a scannable QR Code.  You can scan this code with your Smartphone to get more information from our website. 

The Chronicles of a Community Apiary

Follow the progress of the contruction of our "World of Bees" apiary in Selby cemetery.

News & Updates

View the milestone events that led us up to our apiary ...

Whats on in the Apiary?

Whether for our Beginners or a Master Class session or a

Have-a-Go event, you'll find the details here!

This is an example of a QR Code that will take you to our Facebook Page.  Scan it and try!  Don't worry if you don't have a dedicated QR scanner on your phone - they are readily available to download and totally free of charge.  And a lot of the newer phones do this through the Camera app as though you were taking a picture.  Try it and see if yours does!

Inside the Bee Free Zone, our custom Observation Hive lets you watch the activities of our bees without even disturbing them.  Can you find the queen in this hive?  This is an excellent way to get our younger ones interested and closer to the natural world.

Can you spot any pollen on the legs of the foraging bees as they return to the hives?  This is the protein food the bees need to feed to their young for them to grow into adult bees and then become foragers themselves.

For members of our association, this is also the place where they gain hands-on experience and learn some of the advanced skills of the Beekeeper.



Weather in the Apiary Today

Our apiary is located in the cemetery at Selby behind the two chapels where it is quiet and peaceful.  You can visit the apiary at any time and watch the bees from inside our "Bee Free Zone". 


During the winter months, we meet once a month for a chit chat and listen to a guest speaker talk on their speciality beekeeping subject. 

Whether at the apiary or at a winter meeting, It is at these social gatherings that you will make new friends and add to your knowledge of beekeeping.

Some of the educational and informative posters you'll see in our apiary ...

All of these posters are laminated A2 size and have been uniquely created by us for educational purposes.

If you are wanting to purchase any of these posters, please get in touch with us through our Contact page here.

And for the children ...

These weatherproof posters are printed on Corex and measure 305mm x 457mm - also useful for presentations away from the apiary.

If you are wanting to purchase any of these posters, please get in touch with us through our Contact page here.

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