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Welcome to Selby Beekeepers website!

Now that you've found us, we encourage you to explore our site and find out more about us and what we can offer you. 

You just might find something that interests you!

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Our Bees

As part of our commitment to keep healthy bees, during our regular inspections of a colony, we will check for any signs of disease.

We will treat our bees with recommended veterinary medication at various times of the year to control known pests and diseases.


We try at all times to keep bees that are gentle and calm and will take appropriate action if any of our colonies display aggressive characteristics.

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Swarming is a natural process of colony re-production but it may come across a bit daunting or scary. Swarms are nothing to be scared of and we can help you if you do come across a swarm. 

Hornet_Sting_Bee-by-haim_charbit from Pixabay

Asian Hornet

Find out more about the Asian Hornet Vespa velutina, the risks they pose and what you can do to help 


The Bee Free Zone

The Bee Free Zone is our education and Visitor Centre where children and adults alike can learn about the bees.  They can also watch in safety as we make our weekly inspections of the colonies in the apiary.

Honey Jars

Our Products

Our beekeepers offer a wide range of different honeys each with their own unique flavours and characteristics from the flora in their geographical location.  Some of our beekeepers also offer beeswax candles and cosmetics made from their genuine local beeswax.


Learn about the Tree Bumblebee

The Tree Bumblebee can cause some problems for you when they decide to take up residence in an unused birdbox in your garden!

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Children's Educational Story

Our very own illustrated children's educational story about how the bees came to be and the importance of pollen to them and us!

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Support us with a donation

Any donations we receive will go towards the provision of our ongoing care of honeybees in the Selby & District area.

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