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Welcome to Selby Beekeepers!

We are a community of beekeepers and we welcome new members and anyone who wishes to engage with this incredible insect - the honeybee.

Beginners Course ...

Spring 2020

Our 2020 Beginners Course is now underway with the first week behind us!  As a little test for our delegates, we are sending them a simple 10 question quiz following each of the sessions we hold.  The quiz questions are based on what they have learnt and each question has a mutiple-choice answer that can be selected.

Just for fun, of course!

"We're passionate about our bees"


Coming next on 11th March

Week 2 -

Colony Organisation

Make a difference ...
Be a Beekeeper

"We're making a difference"

If you feel as passionate about bees as we do and want to make a difference, why not become a beekeeper and be a member of our community.  Contact us for more details or simply explore our website and find out more about us and what we have to offer.

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