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About Our Beginners Course


Beginners 6 Session Theory Course (Spring)

Next Course - Likely Spring 2025

This Beginners Theory Course is for anyone who is aspiring to become a beekeeper and is a prerequisite for the practical courses at our association apiary.  The course is over 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings and each session will be approximately 2 hours duration. 

Just wanting to learn about the bees?  You're still very welcome to join the course but you won't be able to attend any other sessions with us after the course.  But having had a taster of us, you may want to change your mind!  We do offer different options for our Beginners Course and you should find one to suit your requirements.


Whichever option you decide to choose, the course will prepare you for the thrill of becoming a beekeeper and will form the backbone of your knowledge about this incredible insect - the Honeybee.  But this is just the start - you will continue to learn and master the craft for many years to come!

We usually run this course early in the year in preparation of the build-up of colonies during spring.  By then, you will be ready and prepared for our free practical hands-on sessions at our association apiary where you will be tutored by our experienced beekeepers.  Our practical apiary sessions are quite informal social events at which you will make new friends to share your experiences with.

To be eligible for our free practical apiary sessions, you must be a Registered member of our association, or be the Partner of a Registered member.  Local (or Social) members are the only members not allowed access to the apiary.  Some of the cost options for this course includes your renewable annual membership to our association, plus the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association (YBKA), and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).  As a member of our association, you will be entitled to attend all of our meetings and events in addition to having access to those provided by YBKA.

Through our association, you will be able to purchase your first colony of honeybees at a preferential rate as soon as they become available in late spring.

Please feel free to contact us if there any questions you'd like to ask us.



You can check out which membership category is best suited for yourself on our Membership page here.  Do make sure you read our BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP document that applies to our Registered beekeepers.


If you just want to learn about the bees and are not interested in keeping bees, you should choose Option 1.

If you think you might keep bees next year, but not this year, you should choose either Option 2 or Option 3.

If you want to become a beekeeper and keep your own bees, you should choose Option 3.

If you are the partner or spouse of a Registered member (or course delegate), you should choose Option 4.



OPTION 1 - £65 Course Fee - Theory Course for learning about the bees

OPTION 2 - £65 Course Fee + £12.50 Local Membership = £77.50 (sometimes referred to as Social Membership)

OPTION 3 - £65 Course Fee + £34.00 Registered Membership Fee = £99 for Theory and Practical sessions

OPTION 4 - £65 Course Fee + £23.00 Partner Membership Fee = £88 for Theory and Practical sessions


Please note that Course Fees are "one-off" whereas Membership Fees are renewable annually on 1st October each year.






Please remember to download and fill in our Application Form for each course delegate as it contains important GDPR options that we require your consent and signature for.


You can also register your interest in our courses using the form below -

Course Enquiry Form

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