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Easi-Steam Wax Extactor

This steam extractor is definitely a winner, especially as this ‘messy’ task can be done outside in the open.

The 3-litre capacity electric steam generator is attached to a steel cover via a steam hose. This cover fits snugly over a National brood box. The steel tray and grid are placed on a solid floor and the wooden eke placed on top of the floor.

Please note, the Easi Steam will not fit into an Open Mesh Floor - you must use the solid floor we provide with this piece of equipment.

Place a suitable receptacle under the outlet (e.g. old bucket feeder or ice cream container). Switch on the steam generator and wait.
After about 20 minutes, wax and water will run out of the front of the hive. Leave to settle and cool. The wax will float on top of the water produced by the condensed steam.

In addition to extracting wax from frames, the box and frames will be sterilised by the steam generated.

Click the link below to watch a demonstration -

Easi-Steam Wax Extactor

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07800 767555

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