Beekeeping: What's It All About

1 Hour 32 Minutes



Target Audience:

Roger Patterson

Just Starting

Many new beekeepers are immediately confronted with problems, or what they may think are problems, soon after acquiring their bees. The level of support for new beekeepers varies a lot, depending on the resources available and the quality of them. Raw beginners often have masses of questions, but are the answers always reliable? Just because someone has kept bees longer than you, or has a flashy website, doesn’t mean they know more, but how do you know that? If you know enough to make good judgement, then you know enough not to have asked in the first place. This presentation addresses some of the issues that new beekeepers have, with some ideas on what to learn in your early stages.Following a spell out of active beekeeping for family and business reasons, on my return I soon discovered the bees in my area had degenerated from gentle bees that suited my district to yellowish stingy mongrels that were very unpleasant to handle. This was caused by a local beekeeper who imported queens from Australia and New Zealand and selling them cheaply.
Rather than requeening from outside stock, I raised queens from the better colonies to replace the queens in the poorer colonies. I have basically used the same simple techniques ever since. This presentation is the story of what I have achieved.