What do we mean by locally adapted bees?

Whilst at the YBKA AGM earlier today I was talking to a member from another association and we discussed Queen rearing and Locally Adapted Bees. He was telling me that he was interested in getting a black bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) and spoke to a queen rearing group, local to him, who just breed black bees. They are clearly locally adapted as the bee breeding group have been using them for several decades. He was told that he would be sold a queen on the condition that he agreed to ensure that any queens raised from her would be culled if they were not black in colour. They used only colour as the only method of selection. We then had an interesting discussion on what we considered to be Locally Adatated Bees. I have just been reflecting on this when I remembered an article that Wally Shaw wrote on the topic; "What do we mean by locally adapted bees?".

Link to article "click here"


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