Time to sort Basil out

So we waited a week and no sign of her leaving the hive for mating and definitely no sign of eggs and just a tiny bit of old brood coming through. The forecast doesn't look as good now and I doubt that she will get mated in time so we made the decision to unite Basil with Poppy. Poppy only has bees covering 4 frames so could do with the boost to get them through winter.

Time now to find her the queen in Basil and put her to one side in preparation for merging. I found her on the same frame we had previously seen her on but by the time I'd got my queen cage in position she had eluded my eye! And could I hell as like find her! Ok - so I gave up and left them to settle down until the following day when I'll try again.

I really wanted to get her out of the hive today so the colony would realise they were queenless and perhaps accept the merge a little better. Never mind. Still got plenty of time ...


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