The Wasp Nuisance

Like every other beekeeper - never seen so many wasps before as I have this year. And undoubtedly all down to the long hot summer we have enjoyed for a change. But the wasp is a seriously misunderstood insect and a valuable contributor to pollination and suppressing nasty bugs in our gardens. They are quite ruthless hunters and darned good at it. But nevertheless - they do become a problem during August when their diet starts to change. And our honeybees are still a valuable source of protein to them.

Having started a MAQS treatment on my colonies, I had removed the front entrance to help with hive ventilation. That then became an open invitation to those wasps bold enough to enter the hive. I watched 10 wasps go into one of my strongest colonies. None of them came out - certainly not alive anyway. After that, I decided to put the entrance back on in the daytime and remove it during the evening. Although the wasps were "probing" the reduced entrance, the guard bees were positively seeing them off.


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