The newspaper merge technique ...

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

We had a bit of rain this morning and I was doubtful I'd get the merge done. But the late morning gave a bright interval that allowed me to get Poppy ready.

First job was to open Poppy up and add three sheets of newspaper and a queen excluder to hold the paper down on the top of the brood box.

I then pricked the newspaper to let the smell of Poppy escape.

That done, it was time to crack Basil off its floor and set it into position over Poppy.

With that done, I just had to stick the roof back on and voila ... job done!

It did start to rain a little during this procedure but it actually helped by getting the flying bees back into Basil.

It's now down to the bees to chew their way through the newspaper so that smell of both hives slowly merges together. There should be the absolute minimum of fighting between the two colonies when they have done this over the next few days.

Will check on their progress early next week.

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