Rescuing a Feral Colony

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

This feral colony was discovered in a wilderness area in one of our local primary schools and must have been there for some time judging by the amount of comb they had built. The colony nest was firmly attached to a young hawthorn tree and looked to be in good health. The problem was not just that playing children could get stung, but the school is also undergoing a building extension and that would have seen the colony exterminated.

Our team undertook the task of removing and relocating the colony. We had expected to get a few stings from the girls but as it happens - all went well. It wasn't possible to separate the comb from the tree due to the amount of branches and twigs that were inside the nest and so the whole nest was lowered into a couple of standard brood boxes. After finally being relocated, a 14x12 brood box was added over the top of the colony that will eventually become their new home.

The Beekeeping Team

You can check this out on our Facebook page and see more images of this colony.

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