It was Basil that swarmed!

Getting home on the Sunday after babysitting in Leeds, our neighbour informed us that there was a swarm at the bottom of the garden. "Not ours" we said but still went to attend to the swarm.

The swarm in question was a prime swarm and a pretty large one at that. Hanging perfectly still on a small apple tree at about chest height - this was going to be a doddle. And it was!

Having collected them with ease, they stayed in the swarm box until we could sort them out on the Tuesday. We gave them a new home at the Granary with drawn comb and stores so the queen could start laying immediately. The Basil swarm is now in Sage on 14 x 12's at the Granary apiary. And they were pretty much filling the box!

Then we discovered that they were ours after all! Expecting to find ripe queen cells in the hive, we were amazed to find a virgin queen walking around! Question is - will she be able to get mated in time to start laying her winter bees ....


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