Getting the Bees ready - Poppy

These girls were a bit tougher to get ready due to their size! They already had a couple of pretty full summer supers on them and we need to get these off and add the heather super. We managed to get one of them removed yesterday and today we removed the 2nd super.

Poppy with all summer supers removed just leaving the Heather super

The final super removed went to Mint (next door on the left) along with one from Apollo. That makes 3 summer supers they have to get processed!

Poppy with her Travel Screen in position over the Heather super.

Mint with her 3 supers of Summer Honey to process

I must admit that I was impressed with the girls in Poppy as they had already started to draw out comb on the new unwired foundation I'd put in yesterday. Nice one girls!

So that's the heather floor in place; Travel Screen in place; just remains to close up the entrance; strap them down and get them loaded up for tomorrow. That'll be my last job today at around 9:30pm.

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