Getting a little hungry already ...

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

With the somewhat mild weather we've had through autumn, the bees have been flying regularly and that takes food to give them the energy they need. The food comes from their stored honey and this is supposed to see them through the long winter months. So because they've been eating their stores, they are getting a little low on the amount needed for them to survive the winter.

Today, I gave each of my colonies a solid feed in the form of fondant to keep them from starving to death. The only problem is that once I start doing this I have to continue feeding them fondant all the way through to next spring. But needs must - and I'd sooner have them all survivng and flourishing in spring than perishing through starvation. This is one of the responsibilities of being a beekeeper - caring for the health and welfare of your bees.

Feeding the bees Fondant

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