BBKA - Microscopy Module

I have decided to sit the BBKA Microscopy exam in 2020 and I have also decided to blog about my experience. This will be the first of my posts.

Details of the BBKA microscopy syllabus can be found here.

The examination is by way of a practical assessment involving 7 tasks over 3 hours; they involve:-

  • Task 1 Microscopes

  • Task 2 Thoracic tracheal dissection

  • Task 3 Pollen Slides

  • Task 4 Abdominal dissection

  • Task 5 Anatomy slides

  • Task 6 Nosema diagnosis

  • Task 7 Bee diseases and pests

I have been successful in borrowing one of the two sets of microscopes (compound and dissection) that YBKA own and lend to any member wanting to study for the exam.

The last time I used a microscope was in the 1970's at VI Form so I signed up for FREE "Introduction to Microscopy" Open Learning Course with the Open University. It involves a total of about 3 hours, in total, of online study. details of course are here.

Statement of participation

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