And we're off!

Up at 6:00; bees loaded into truck; and we're ready to go! Just now have to drive round to Paul so we can travel in convoy together.

Loaded and ready to go!

Ninety minutes later and 50 miles away in the North Yorkshire Moors - we arrive at our stance and start getting the bees unloaded and ready to fly. They've had a bit of a bumpy ride and will not be too pleased with us when we open the hives up so it's beesuits and wellies on in readiness!

Our stance on the North Yorkshire Moors

Paul making last minute adjustments to his colonies

The ling heather is just starting to show and will be exploding into bloom over the next few days - so just in case, I decided to add my spare super onto Poppy as she really was busting with bees.

Poppy looking a little full!

An extra super for poppy!

With the crownboards and roofs added to the hive, it's now down to the bees to re-orientate themselves to their new location and start work.

Paul all finished and ready to go home!

We'll be planning some follow up visits to check on our bees and we've already identified a separate location where we might be putting a couple of hives next year.

But for now - it's off home to put our feet up!

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