Almost there ...

Today, we made another trip to our bees on the moors to check on their progress.

Our bees on the North Yorkshire Moors with Ling heather in the foreground

Although the heather was starting to turn a little brown in places, the weather was favourable for us (and the bees) and so we were able to take a peek inside the hives to check the supers.

The hive with the thin unwired foundation in the frames (Poppy) looked to be doing pretty well and at least 6 frames were fully capped on both sides.

We also re-arranged some of the frames to encourage the bees to finish them off.

The hive with the 32 frame sections in (Apollo) were not doing quite as well although some of the sections did have honey in them. The bees had drawn out the foundation in most of the sections so even if there aren't any full sections we can use, the super with the sections will simply go back next year for the bees to finish them off.

And after our time with the bees, it was off to Rievaulx Abbey for a picnic and walk around the ruins! A good day for us!

Rievaulx Abbey - a good place for our picnic!


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