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Some Other Useful Documents
for beekeepers ...

Allotment Beekeeping

Our bees play a vital part in pollination, not just for our food but also for many other plants.
They also produce food and most of us like honey!

Apiary Hygene

The purpose of good apiary hygiene is to help reduce or prevent the spread of disease between honey bee colonies.

Bee Stings

Female honey bees, both workers and queens, posses a sting which the workers use to defend their colony.

Bees, Neighbours & Siting Hives

This leaflet is intended to provide guidance for the beginner who is looking for a good site for their first colonies.

Collecting Swarms

Beekeepers are frequently asked to remove bee swarms and this leaflet advises on how such a request may be handled.

Selling Honey Advice

Information from BBKA regarding the requirements for the selling and labelling of honey.

Spring Feeding

This paper covers the reasons for a colony making excess use of stores and the measures beekeepers can take to limit the effect on their colonies.

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