On this page, we list some of the most useful links that are relevant to our activities as beekeepers.

The British Beekeeping Association


The BBKA website is another hugh resource of information about honeybees and beekeeping.  In addition, members of BBKA now have access to a new online learning system.



BeeBase is part of the network of information available to help and guide beekeepers.  It is also there to help you take the necessary action to protect your colonies from any known disease outbreaks in your area.

Dave Cushman's Website


Dave Cushman's website is a huge resource that is considered by many to be the world's most comprehensive and authoritative beekeeping website.

Hygiene Depot


Looking for good quality disposable Nitrile gloves?  Look no further!

This company have a large range of disposable gloves and several that are favoured by beekeepers.  These are my personal favourites.  Not cheap but well worth it - you get what you pay.  Read the reviews from beekeepers and make up your own mind.

If you ring them, they will happily send you free samples of their gloves.