You can help the bees ...

You don't need to be a beekeeper to have a colony of honeybees in your garden - why not consider becoming a host to a colony of honeybees?

If you live in the Selby & District area and have a reasonably large garden or a space where a beehive could be sited, you could provide a home for a colony of honeybees and become part of the community dedicated to their survival and well-being.  


What To Expect

A little learning ...

To start off, we will give you a very brief education about the honeybee and their behaviour.  Contrary to popular belief - they are not aggressive insects and will normally leave you alone whilst they go about their business.  Of course, if you are annoying them or they think the colony is threatened, then they may well become a little more defensive.


The bees will, of course, be owned and managed by one of our experienced beekeepers so you don't have to do anything.  All that we ask is you allow us access to the hive each week or so from early Spring to late Summer to check on the health, welfare and development of the colony.  

And maybe if all goes well, there will be a reward of fresh beekeepers honey later in the year.

Be aware that not all locations are suitable for having a colony of honeybees and there are certain important criteria that must be met before we will consider siting a colony.

If everything is OK, it can be a very rewarding past-time simply watching the comings and goings of your new garden residents.  They will work tirelessly for the good of the colony.


Your Involvement

None to Helping ...

At the very least - just sit back and relax and let the bees get on with it.  Just simply enjoy watching them go about their business of collecting stores and raising new worker bees.  But if you feel you would like to be a little bit more involved, then by all means speak to your beekeeper and ask how you can help and participate in the care and management of your guests.  Expect at the very least to purchase one of the many styles of beesuits and gloves for your protection.  I guarantee you will be thrilled by the experience!

Still interested?  Fill in the form below and wait while we get back to you!  To avoid disappointment, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that bees, hives and beekeepers will always be available in your area as there will always be a limit to how many hives we can locate.