Take the Challenge!

This is our fun Beginners Quiz!

Ok - you sat on our Beginners Beekeeping Course and listened to us for a couple of hours each night over 6 sessions - now it's time to see if you can remember any of what we taught you!

Try our easy fun quiz and see how well you can remember what you have learnt with us - but no cheating!


The link to each quiz will only be available for one week after the Beginners Course session

Select a quiz to try and the quiz will display on-screen.  Each quiz has just 10 simple questions with multiple choice answers.  But be aware ... there may be more than one correct answer in the list!  If there is more than one, you only need to choose one of the correct answers.

Add your email address and you'll get your results emailed to you straight away.  You can also view your results immediatley after you complete the quiz and submit your answers.