Our Local Beekeepers

These beekeepers are members of our association and offer their honey and hive products for sale to members of the public.  Our beekeepers are covered by our Public Liability insurance.

Dave Stanforth

Dave is another of our class of 2020 beekeepers and has steadily increased his stock of bees by collecting swarms!
His bees are positioned to take advantage of local fauna and farmland.

Chris Walsh

Also from our class of 2020, Chris is proving to be a valuable member and always there to lend a helping hand.
His bees in Snaith are productive and have a rich area around them in which they forage in the local gardens, farmland and hedgerows..

Paul Clarke

Paul is one of our class of 2020 members and nicely settling into a routine with his bees. His hives are located in his garden and the bees enjoy the wealth of forage in and around the area of Carlton. A true local honey for the residents of Carlton.

Gaz Greenwood-Massey

Gareth is another of our 2020 beekeepers who has made remarkable progress in the world of beekeeping.
He manages a number of his hives in Hook and Barmby on the Marsh and is expanding his colonies into other areas around Goole and Howden.
Ever keen to learn and improve, Gareth has been investing in his bees and equipment to bring out the very best of this captivating hobby.

Paul Snowden

Paul is a long standing Yorkshire beekeeper with several colonies around the Osgodby/Riccall area.
He sells his local honey from off the front of his house in Osgodby and also has a regular stall on the monthly Farmers Market in Selby where you can purchase some of the many honey varieties he has to offer.

Chriss & Lesley Line

Chriss is a long standing beekeeper with colonies of bees in Selby, South Milford and Burn.
Honey is available directly from home and is usually in a box on the wall. Customers simply help themselves and leave the money in the box.
Our cosmetics are safety certified and carefully crafted using our own prize beeswax.

Rebecca Trippett

Rebecca is another of our long standing beekeepers with hives in Camblesforth and at Carlton Towers.
Owing to her immense popularity, her honey usually sells out fast!